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Account receivables management service

Monitor Your accounts payable- The Accurate Way!
Account receivables management service at Actuit helps you to manange your Account receivables - The accurate way. We not only do mere bookkeeping but also monitor your customer accounts at the time of recording cash receipts and bank deposits. We do match each desposit with customer invoices. We prepare statement of account for outstanding invoices for each customer. Accounts receivable report is one where your business cash is lying ideal. By preparing and reviewing aged accounts receivable summary report we provide a tool for your marketing team to talk to customer for timely collection and restrict more exposure to troubled/problem customer. This statement is issued to management/ business owners to ensure all sales are timely collectable. Cash is blood for business and financial stability of the company.
Why let Actuit manage your customer accounts?
We undestand that customer accounts are crucial to have you run your business and to manage cash flow management. We prepare and provide aged receivable report on weekly/monthly basis as business demands.

Reliable Account receivables management For Your Business

By opting for our Accouts receivable management services you'll be effectively able to analyze business critical customers and receiptss for financial stability.

Accounting department at Actuit review customer invoices, sales orders and delivery reports to record in proper categories and classes.
Our Staff can also handle your complex invoice processing management?
Our staff is fully capable of handling your simple as well as complex ionvoice processing management for your business and allocated to correct product/service accounts, We proprely categorize invoices to classes, cost centers and inventory. To have help you have cost center wise income and expense reports and know which business activity or cost center needs your attention.