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Actuit Testimonials
"We admire the way the Actuit methodology to take cases and appreciate quick turnaround. We have really felt the way you guys are client focused and we truly believe that you are really a master of your trade".

US Multinational - One of Top Software Firms

"Actuit Team is truly one stop shop for accounting outsourcing, extraordinarily customer centric and understand what accountancy practice needs"

Accountancy Firm Based in UK

"We are in Health Retreat & Spa business and after years of trying to manage company books internally. We decided it was time to give it to someone who can do it professionally and timely. Everyone suggested to outsource locally but after we have spoken to local companies, we found out that most everyone would needed to be trained how to work on our platform. We work on NetSuite platform which is advanced ERP. What we appreciated the most was how fast they had us set up and speed of catching up on the books. We were absolutely astonished. Several times I have expressed my appreciation to the executive team at the Actuit of how much we appreciate them taking out business personally and managing it professionally."

If you are looking at a company that has expertise in the advanced accounting and bookkeeping, look no further for it. It truly pays back to have trained Accountant review monthly entries of the bookkeeper to make sure financial stay clean and clear."

Health Retreat Business firm Based in Canada

"I am so glad to be doing business with your firm. You make my life easier and since we have started doing business together, I can see an increase in sales, simply because I do not need to focus on Finance Department-you do it much, much better."

Internet Marketing Firm based in Arizona, USA

In our search for trun business partner for the us. We sent trial bookkeeping and final accounts production job to four different outsourcing companies in India. We were amazed with the quality and depth of completed task delivered by Actuit's team. Team here in Canada, opted to hire Actuit as our principal outsourcing vendor for Final Accounts preparation work on caseware and tax return preparation work. Good Job! Wish you good luck.

Accountancy Firm based in British Columbia, Canada

We are very pleased the turn around time of jobs allocated to Actuit. We are fan to Actuit's observations on final accounts cases. We are delighted with the services of Actuit Team.

Accountancy Firm based in Alberta, Canada

I just wanted to wish you and your staff a very happy 2012 and may more. I also wanted to thank you and your staff for the care and concern you had for me and my business during the very difficult time we had to keep current my pending bookkeeping and tax return filing. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for you, kindness, professionalism, expertise in this area and preparing income taxes. May God continue to bless you, your staff and business for your help and wonderful support and service you provide. I will always remember how you helped and recommend you to anyone. Thank you, D. Aguilera - Chicago, Photographer

Individual Photographer Firm based in Chicago, USA

Our meeting was made all the more productive and successful because of your facility. what I can state without reservation that Actuit's staff is the best to date, I got to work with. It's really nice that I can send an email or pick up the phone and contact a 'real person' right away to get things done. Efficiency with will to help - a real pleasure to deal with.

We look forward to continued relationship in the future."
ANGEL ROCHA and MICHELLE ROCHA - Spa Center in Canada

Three year back when I signed Actuit services, I started a small business and now you know Actuit is supporting me for all my four businesses locations. This is a very achievement for any company. All I can say is, excellent from the word go. They are dedicated to my business, who take time to listen to their customers and best part is always willing to help. Actuit and its staff have helped me every step of the way. Great service and a great company, I would highly recommend!
Douglas E Harvey - CA, Owner Food Chain Restaurant

We first came across Actuit when searching for a specialist for my business accounting and bookkeeping. I was impressed when I received call from company's President with 30 minutes of inquiry. I was initially attracted to fast customer response and till date I am getting reply on all my queries same day . Their real value however, is their support, I've received has been fantastic.
TRAVIS LENTZ - Owner / Principal - Business Networks, Utah

Best part on Actuit's side as per me that You guys communicate. You tell me what was happening and how the whole thing will progress. I am pleased to say since the changeover we have never experienced any problems which can not be part of business as usual.
Donnie Roberts - Attorney Firm, Texas