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Virtual Paralegal Services for Bankruptcy Attorneys

virtual paralegal services
Bankruptcy attorney virtual paralegal services. Our consumer bankruptcy petition preparation paralegal services include:
  1. Preparation of Chapter 7 Petition
  2. Preparation of Chapter 13 Petition

Our virtual paralegal services include the followings:

  1. Preparing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition draft, including additional forms to comply with local court rules.
  2. Coordinate with Attorney for collection of missing information from Debtor
  3. Preparing Memo to Attorney detailing missing information and questions for review
  4. Make changes to draft petition per Attorney's instructions and subsequent additional information
  5. Final Petition in PDF format and backup file of Attorney designated software.
  6. Preparation of 341 Meeting of Creditors letter to debtor(s).
To deliver above virtual assistants are additionally doing:
  1. Searching Kelley Blue Book or NADA for auto valuation.
  2. Electronically file each petition with the court at no additional charge upon the Attorney's request.
  3. Preparation of wage garnishment letters to employers.
  4. Printed copies mailed to debtor(s) and court if requested by Attorney.
  5. Electronic back-ups of case files and all supporting documents.
We have hands on experience in using Bestcase, EZfiling, Bankruptcy 2010, Bankruptcy Pro and others.
Disclaimer: Actuit PRO is not a law firm, nor attorneys. We do not provide legal representation or advice. We work under the direct supervision of Attorney we provide services. Our role is to assist attorneys, not the general public, in processing bankruptcy petitions.
Advantages of Outsourced
Petition preparation services
  1. Affordable and Reliable
    trained virtual assistant
  2. Reduced Operating Cost
  3. Quick Turnaround
  4. Minimal Capital Cost
  5. No Hiring and Training Cost
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